TDP And BJP To Soon Drown in The Bay Of Bengal

YSR Congress Parliamentary Party leader and Nellore MP Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy mentioned that TDP had first canvassed that Babu had to come to power for the state to enjoy 15 years of special category status but Chandarbabu, later, had stated that special status was not any wonder drug. He expressed YSRCP's opinions about special status in the Lok Sabha. Here is what he spoke. 

  • Chandrababu saw people's fury as soon as Arun Jaitley had annouced special status would not be sanctioned.
  • Chandrababu changed gears and stated that the centre was hindering the state's development by not sanctioning special status.
  • Time is approaching when people will drown TDP and BJP in Bay of Bengal.
  • Chandrababu's and the centre's statements show no commitment towards special status.
  • When Manmohan Singh suggested 5 years of special status, BJP said 10 years would be the right amount of time and TDP said 15 years would be correct.
  • As per Chandrababu's manifesto promises, special status should be sanctioned as well all the other promises should be realised.
  • They may continue with BJP or bid goodbye to them, but TDP leaders owe an answer to the people of the state.
  • All classes of people should support the AP state bandh called for by YSR Congress Party.
  • All YSRCP members of the parliament are strongly fighting for special status.

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