TDP Activists Join YSRCP

Vijayawada: 60 TDP activists belonging to 53rd division of Vijayawada Central constituency joined YSRCP supervised by Isukapalli Baburao and Lingamkuntla Kali, in the presence of the party's official spokesman Gowtham Reddy. Gowtham Reddy invited them into the party by decorating them with the party's scarves. Speaking on this occasion, Gowtham Reddy stated that TDP activists were disgusted by the ways of the party's president Chandrababu's ways and the local TDP leaders' behaviour. He added that they were joining YSRCP, attracted by the leadership and the principles of the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan. He also predicted that this was only the beginning and TDP would be totally knocked down in the days to come.

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