Suspense overnight

Guntur: There was quite a lot of disturbance and suspense prevailed in the camp overnight where the Leader of Opposition, YSRCP President, is on indefinite hunger strike where Monday evening, his health had deteriorated completely. Monday, night Medical tests were carried out in the presence of media. In addition to collecting samples, they also checked the BP and weight, where the results are noted. According to the observations, BP was 130/80, the pulse rate is 77, and weight was about 72 kg.  This data was provided to the media by the representative government doctors.  They also found and stated that there is tremendous increase of ketones, which is dangerous.

YS Jagan was very tired and week and has shown interest in taking rest, since evening. Wife Bharti, and mother Vijayamma were taking care about him.  Till night he spent in between the stream of fans. In the meantime, sister Sharmila arrived from Bangalore. She interacted with Jagan who was taking rest.  Sharmila questioned about the well-being and health condition for some time.

Later YS Jagan was taking complete rest. In the meantime, slowly, the police forces entered there. At a time they surrounded the stage where Jagan was taking rest.  At once,  from there, they rushed  Jagan to the hospital.

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