Stick To Your Word: Chand Basha

Hyderabad:YSRCP MLA Chand
Basha mentioned in the assembly that CM Chandrababu had promised to build a
ring road when he visited Kadiri on the 14th of last June and complained
that this was completely forgotten by him. Neither surveys were conducted nor
was any work started, he stated.

When he had questioned the Government on
the 19th of March in 2015, it was told that a bypass road had been
proposed with an expenditure of Rs.135 crore. He demanded that this promise was
kept at least now. He also mentioned the road accident met with by a cement
lorry traveling from Kadiri to Bengaluru, in chich 25 people succumbed. With
this he demanded the Government to act in view of laying the bypass road.

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