Spell stand on quota, YSRCP asks Govt

June 10, 2013:
YSR Congress has demanded
the Government to spell out its stand categorically on the methodology it is
going to adopt vis-à-vis reservations in the ensuing local bodies’ elections.

 “To upkeep the spirit of the PR amendment Bill, and
to provide political empowerment to women and weaker sections, the government
should first publish the list of reserved seats and call for objections before
issuing notification to show its transparency,” party  senior leader Dr MV
Mysoora Reddy told reporters here on Monday.

 There are reports that the government is
contemplating to take state as a unit for implementing the reservations which
will lead to many irregularities. As the political empowerment of weaker
sections and women is the motive of the elections to local bodies and we demand
that the State should be transparent and publish the list and call for
objections, he said.

 “With assembly in session, that would be a right
platform to discuss the method it is going to follow in implementing the
reservations and whether it will take sate or district as a unit,” he said.

Government keeping the cards close to its chest on
the issue will give rise to suspicion and will add to the confusion and lack of
transparency will lead to nepotism and misuse of political power, he said.

 “Without any further delay, the reservation list
should be published and the government should make a statement in the Assembly
the methodology it is going to adopt to allay fears,” he said.


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