Sort out all issues before tabling the T Bill :Sobha

Aug 5, 2013:
Congress has demanded the Centre to bring out a draft proposal, spelling out
the measures that it will take to address the consequences that would be
arising out of the division of the State, before tabling the Bill in the

"We demand that the Centre
should come out with a concrete proposal on the important issues like water
sharing, power, joint capital Hyderabad and other issues before tabling the
Bill to divide the state,,” party Deputy floor leader Bhuma Sobah Nagi Reddy
told reporters here on Saturday.

Unless the contentious
issues are addressed to, the government cannot go ahead with the Bill on
splitting the state. We have been very categorical that justice should be done
to all regions and no region should be put at a disadvantage, she said.  

Congress policy and its
conduct have being baffling the people. The resignation drama is not going well
with the people. Had they put in their papers along with us and heeded to our
demand to quit the posts cutting across party lines when there were strong
indications from Delhi, things would have been different, but they did not
respond to our call. .

Lack of a strong leader has
plunged the state into crisis and the need for a leader of YSR stature is now
felt by one and all. The inefficiency of the state leaders has pushed the
people into turmoil, she said adding that YSR had given the confidence to all
sections of people during his term.

We called upon all leaders
of Seemandhra to join us in the protest but they did not come forward. Congress
leaders had put up a big show at Delhi but it ended up as an eye-wash.  Without putting forth their argument with
Delhi leaders, Congress and TDP leaders are enacting the resignation drama as
people back home are up in arms against them.

Naidu was silent when the
process was on and various options were doing the rounds. He did not behave
like a leader of opposition. If Telangana is inevitable, what are the steps to
be taken up for the doing justice to Seemandhra was never a point of concern to

He also did not allow his
party leaders of seemandhra region to speak about it either. When he broke his
silence, he was speaking in a very cool voice as if his statement is an
extension of that of CWC.

Now both the parties are
blaming YSRCP about the demand. We have clarity and were categorical that
justice should be done to all regions. We also wrote a letter to Home Minister
about the feelings of the people of Seemandhra. 

Naidu has given a letter to
government which is like a blank cheque which gave the nod for Telangana but he
did not write anything about the consequences that would arise out of the
division. The issues that would come up were not discussed.

Digvijay Singh has been
trying to bring in another division among Rayalaseema and Coastal Andhra.
Congress and TDP cannot get any political mileage by such talk as he had made
himself clear that the division was to get 15-16 MPs in the next elections.

“They have no concern on
the future of Seemandhra and the problems that arise out of the bifurcation.
Had the Congress and TDP given clear stand on the division, such a situation
could have been avoided,” she said.

All Chief Ministers,
irrespective of their region, have developed Hyderabad and have brought in a
brand image to the city. Without knowing the feelings of the people of the
regions Congress cannot take such a decision which would hurt the sentiments of
one region. 

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