Babu..why was he desperate to form an alliance?

says CM Jagan’

Chodavaram | P. Gannavaram| Ponnur public meetins


If you vote for Chandrababu, the welfare schemes of the state will be ‘Govinda… Govindaa’, says CM Jagan’

Chandrababu is desperate to beat Jagan since YSRCP provides welfare measures to uplift the poor: YSRCP Chief

People trusted Chandrababu to obtain the special category status, but he compromised in Delhi and failed to achieve it: CM Jagan

Hyderabad, the joint capital, was lost due to Chandrababu Naidu’s involvement in cash for vote case: CM Jagan

"Chandrababu Naidu calls me 'bacha', then why was he desperate to form an alliance?" asks CM Jagan

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy has said the welfare schemes of the state, which benefit all sections of the society will be Govinda… Govindaa… if you vote for Chandrababu while addressing the campaign meeting near Kothur Junction in Chodavaram at Anakapalli district on Monday. The Chief Minister also attended two more public meetings in P Gannavaram and Ponnur on the day.

Following the state's bifurcation, Hyderabad was supposed to be the joint capital for 10 years, but due to Chandrababu Naidu’s involvement in cash for vote case, it became govinda… govindaa, said Chief Minister Jagan.

“Many trusted Chandrababu to obtain the special category status, but he compromised in Delhi and failed to achieve it. If you vote for Chandrababu, all the schemes will be discontinued. Believing in the promises of Chandrababu, which are impossible to implement, is equal to putting your mouth inside the python,” said Chief Minister Jagan.

He asked the people whether they were ready to defeat the opposition who were anti-poor.

Govinda Govindaa… 

Noting that people who believe in Chandrababu will be Govinda (to lose something), not the name Govinda used for the lord in Tirupati, he showed the pamphlet of TDP’s 2014 promises, which were not fulfilled.  

He also highlighted the failed promises of TDP like an unemployment benefit of Rs 2000, a farm loan waiver of Rs 87,612 crores, retrieval of the pledged gold in banks, Rs 14,205 crores loan waiver for DWCRA.

“People voted for Chandrababu Naidu in 2014 believing those promises, but what happened after the elections? Govinda Govinda…,” said Chief Minister Jagan. 

Rs 25,000 deposit after a girl was born in the family under the Mahalakshmi scheme, 3 cents for a poor person were among his failed promises. Even though the people of this state witnessed Visakhapatnam's promising future, Chandrababu overlooked it and proposed relocating the capital elsewhere. His ambitious plan for a graphical Rajhadhani stands as his greatest letdown, according to Chief Minister Jagan.

“Chandrababu ruled as Chief Minister for 14 years, but will any poor person remember even one good thing he did? Do you remember any of his schemes?,” CM Jagan asked the crowd.

“Rs.2.70 lakh crore deposited through DBT without any bribes or discrimination. But what he did during the regime apart from looting the state. If Chandrababu gives money for election, take it since the money is ours, but everyone should think before voting,” said CM Jagan.

“Rs 3000 pension, the ration, the civic services, and schemes will be delivered to the doorstep of your Jagan is the chief minister. A welfare calendar will be released before a year in which the scheme will be implemented in which month,” assured CM Jagan.

“If you want to change the future of the poor and continue all the welfare schemes, vote on Fan symbol and make it win 175 assembly seats and 25 MP seats,” said CM Jagan while noting the changes in Chodavaram Sugar Factory during the current government compared Babu's regime.

Campaign at Ambajipeta, P. Gannavaram

Addressing the people at Ambajipet in Ambedkar Konaseema District, Chief Minister Jagan said, “This is a Kurukshetra battle between the poor and a habitual liar, Chandrababu Naidu. He had failed to fulfill even one of the promises, whereas your child asserts confidently to have accomplished 99% of the promises made in the manifesto.”

“I am fighting against the opposition alliance led by Chandrababu Naidu, his adopted son Pawan Kalyan, Yellow Media (biased regional media), and along with them is a party which has a vote bank smaller than NOTA numbers – Chandrababu’s Congress,” said the YSRCP Chief. 

Chandrababu Naidu is desperate to beat YSRCP since the current government has benefited all sections of the society and provided welfare measures like supporting 53 lakh mothers with an aim to send their children to school through the Amma Vodi scheme, said Chief Minister Jagan.

He noted that Chandrababu wants to defeat Jagan because the government has given pensions to 66 lakh people with Rs 3,000 each, Rythu Bharosa to help 55 lakh farmers, 31 lakh house titles to women beneficiaries out of which 22 lakh houses are in construction, and provided welfare measures.

He asked the people why they had to vote for Chandrababu Naidu since he didn’t even fulfill one scheme that was promised during the 2014 elections. “He promised a job to every household or Rs 2,000 as unemployment benefits. So did he give Rs 1.2 lakh for five years,” asked the Chief Minister.

Ponnur, Guntur

“We have all seen how TDP Chief Chandrababu has disregarded the manifesto from 2014. Since he can’t claim a single accomplishment he has done for the people of the state, he hurls abuses at me and calls me a ‘bacha’. The 'bacha' you're labeling is contesting all alone relying on the progress report,” said CM Jagan while asking Chandrababu about his need to form an alliance by uniting many parties against YSRCP. 

He explained that the 2024 Manifesto of YSRPCP would help the poor to take another two steps forward. “68 percent SC, ST, BC and Minorities are in my cabinet, and out of 175 Assembly and 25 MP seats, 100 seats are reserved for SC, ST, BC and minorities. But where was social justice in Chandrababu's 14-year rule?” asked Chief Minister Jagan.

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