Silpa Warns TDP leaders on Spreading Canards against Him

Nandyal: YSR Congress Party  candidate in the by-election to Nandyal Assembly constituency Silpa Mohan Reddy warned the ruling party leaders on spreading rumours against him  and his family. In a bid to create bad impression on him among the voters, the TDP leaders brewed wild allegations against him. 

Silpa clarified that all the organisations -Silpa Mahila Sahakar and Silpa Sahakar Samithi were registered organisations and they are functioning as per the rules.  He refuted all the allegation made by  Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu against the organisations.  

He dared  the TDP government to conduct an enquiry into the functioning of  the organsiations. If  any irregularities are found,  he will take the responsibility, Silpa added. 
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