Shame On The Defectors

  • Defector MLAs lured
    into TDP in shock
  • People, democrats and
    party cadre disgusted
  • Demand for return of
    votes they casted
  • Fury at Chandrababu’s
    unethical politics

Defectors who got sold
for money and positions and defected the party are being condemned by the people,
democrats and party leaders of their constituencies. The defectors who got
themselves sold as well as Chandrababu who purchased them are target of fury of
the people. Chandrababu’s atrocious rule is being slammed all over.

People are stating
that it is unethical to win from a party and then switch to another. They are
criticising Chandrababu for slaughtering democracy. They are opining that it is
shameful to ignore the promises made to them and engage himself in unethical
activities. MLA of Palamanuru, Amarnath Reddy’s migration into TDP is being
slammed by the local people, YSRCP leaders and activists, whose hard work gave
him the victory in elections. At mandal headquarters of V.Kota, a banner has
been exhibited against Amarnath Reddy.

The banner reads “Nobody
invited into the party in the first place and nobody is going to stop you today
when you want to leave. But remember we voted for you because you were a YSRCP
candidate. Your defection from YSRCP is not going to cause us any loss. But we
want our votes back. We have certain value as voters (citizens). Our vote (the
constitution) has a value. As MLAs constantly defecting parties, do you have
any value? Shame.. Shame..”

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