Sakshi Was Born To Reveal Unseen Side Of The Coin

It was ten years ago that Sakshi was born to challenge the monopoly of Telugu media. There are two sides to every coin. The primary reason to start Sakshi was to show that unseen side of the coin to the people. That was my intent as a chairman then. As expected, people didn't like it. There were several attempts to supress Sakshi. We fought against all odds to emerge winner.
On the other hand, Sakshi has completed a decade by complying with professional ethics and integrity. Our media has also exposed several scams, conspiracies and true colours of corrupt people to the readers. We have also drawn attention to the loopholes in the system. Lakhs of students have been benefited from this. By making the best use of technology, Sakshi is today an unparalleled media institution. I congratulate Sakshi for staying true to ethics and complying with professional commitments in all these ten years. I wholeheartedly urge Sakshi to continue to stick by its conviction and rules and remain a fearless voice of the Telugus.

Yours Truly
YS Jagan Mohan Reddy

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