Publicity Craze off The Limits

  • Publicity hunt that ignored the people of the state
  • Rs.3500 crore worth robbery in the name of pushkarams
  • Note for Vote case gradually being watered down
  • How many Nayeem behind land scam?!: Gadikota Srikanth Reddy

Hyderabad: YSRCP MLA Gadikota Srikanth Reddy commented that Chandrababu had done nothing but robbing money in light of Godavari and Krishna pushkarams. He slammed the publicity craze of Chandrababu that had crossed limits. He called it ridiculous of Chandrababu to boast about conducting the once-in-twelve-years pushkarams splendidly. He questioned why Chandrababu was not mentioning about the 30 people who had been killed in Godavari pushkarams. He spoke to the media at the party's central office in Hyderabad.

Here is what he spoke.
  • Babu's craze for publicity has reached the ultimate stage. How can he claim the credit for pushkarams? They come on their own once in every twelve years and we take a sacred dip. What is Chandrababu's part in that?
  • The poor are suffering from several problems. Farmers in Rayalaseema are facing the problem of drought. They invested lakhs of rupees on crops. Income seems to be impossible. There is nobody to think about them.
  • Rs.3500 crore have been robbed in the name of Godavari and Krishna pushkarams. 10% of the funds allotted were spent on pushkarams and 90% were stuffed in the pockets of the ruling party leaders.
  • While the pushkarams could have been conducted as a devotional affair, Chandrababu held them in cinema style, causing disturbance to spirituality.
  • Krishna river was born in Maharashtra. What kind of chaos are they making? Why is Babu creating a scene out of it?
  • Farmers are not trusting Babu's rule anymore. The unemployed are suffering. Nobody's problems are able to bother Babu.
  • The CM has to think about withering crops, the unemployed youth and the suffering farmers.
  • Babu has ordered for demolition of temples and swallowed Sadavarthi lands.
  • TDP leaders who are boasting that everything is perfect have to come to the villages and face the people.
  • It is ridiculous of Babu to announce he was behind PV Sindhu's success. He has to stop claiming credit for wrong things.
  • Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy never engaged himself in self-praise like Babu. He did things to people that left him a place in their hearts forever.
  • KCR swore that Babu could never get out of Note for Vote case. Chandrababu, in turn, stated that KCR could not dare blame him. In spite of mentioning Babu's name 24 times in the chargesheet, he was never called for inquiry. Why is the case being watered down in spite of his having clear involvement?
  • Telangana Government is answerable about why Babu has not yet faced inquiry.
  • Why is Babunot responding about gangster Nayeem and Jerusalem Matthaiah, the suspect in Note for Vote case?
  • It is complained that Nayeem was nurtured by Chandrababu. A proper inquiry will bring out all the facts.
  • Telangana and AP Governments are deliberately watering down these two cases. We demand CBI probe on them.
  • We wonder how many ministers have relations with Nayeem, after Achennayudu suggested settlement with him. 
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