Protests against Chand Basha's Defection

Ananthapur: YSRCP activists in Kadiri have strongly protested MLA Chand Basha leaving the party to join the TDP. Party workers and minorities gathered in large number at the local Ambedkar Centre in Kadiri and shouted slogans against the turncoat MLA.
The party workers also burnt Chand Basha in effigy. Later, they marched to the MLA's lodge and shouted slogans agianst him. YSRCP leader Jakkala Adiseshu, party youth wing state general secretary V Bhaskar Reddy and others were among those who protested.
Meanwhile, there is stiff opposition among the TDP cadres to the defection of Chand Basha. Party's Kadiri constituency incharge Prasad strongly opposed the joining of Chand Basha.
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