Pawan parroting Chandrababu’s words

Hyderabad, Taking objection to Jana Sena leader Pawan Kalyan’s remarks at Vijayawada after meeting with Chandrababu Naidu, YSR Congress has said that his speech appeared to be tutored one and the film-star has been purportedly behaving like a B team of the ruling party. ‘The way Pawan Kalyan has been speaking clearly mentions that his words and views were tutored and has been spelling out the agenda of TDP,’ party spokesperson Ambati Rambabu told reporters here on Thursday.

Though there are various issues, including the forcible acquisition of land for capital from farmers and the extent of coercion and misuse of official machinery pressed into service, the film star preferred not to mention it with the Chief Minister and on the contrary started speaking in a voice coated with TDP accent. ‘Pawan Kalyan vouching that special package is equivalent to special status shows his political immaturity or he should be parroting what he is been asked to. He owes an explanation to the people as to why the special status issue is not being taken up. Even the Prime Minister’s assurance has covered only what was mentioned in the Act and nothing more. The Jana Sena leader owes the moral responsibility to answer to the people as to why he has not been pressing for the special status and how the government could forcibly acquire land,’ he said.

Pawan Kalyan supporting bauxite mining or trying to shift the blame on YSR shows that he is a political green horn or is only trying to repeat what was told to him by TDP as his Jana Sena has been emerging into a B team or an affiliated unit of TDP, he said. Chandrababu Naidu has categorically opposed the mining of bauxite in tribal areas and told the Governor that it was he who had first agreed for the mining and went back after locals had opposed it and urged the Governor to intervene and stop the mining activity in agency areas.

Pawan Kalyan speaking that GO permits them to mine shows that he has no grasp over the issue and could not see or ignore the fact that TDP while in opposition said no to mining and after coming to power had issued the GO permitting State Mineral Development Corporation to carry out operations,’ he said and demanded an explanation from Pawan Kalyan for all the turnaround. The meeting also comes close on the heels of the release of a book written by veteran leader Hariram Jogaiah who made some startling revelations and could be seen as an exercise to appease the Kapu community, he said.
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