Negligence Towards The Problems Of People

East Godavari District (Mandapet): YSRCP president of East Godavari District, Kurasala Kannababu complained that the Government was implementing cheap ways only to lift the subsidy on rationed commodities to the poor. He condemned how the whole family was expected to go to the ration store and give thumb impressions. He attended the death ceremony of the mother of coordinator of YSRCP in Mandapet constituency, Vegulla Pattabhi Ramayya Chowdary. Speaking to the media, he stated that it was unfair to expect the whole family to go to the ration store just to fetch commodities of worth Rs.140. He criticised that Chandrababu had left the rule at basic level and had been passing time on worthless things.
Kannababu mentioned that housing bills had not been released since the last two years and it was pushing the poor into being indebted. He demanded release of pending bills for deserving benefactors. He cautioned against harassment towards YSRCP activists. He suggested the activists to be brave and raise awareness among people regarding the anti-public ways of the Government.

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