Naidu is an outdated leader:YSRCP

 Making fun of the ‘Vastunna Meekosam’
Padayatra of TDP chief N. Chandrababu Naidu commencing Tuesday, YSRCP described
the Telugu Desam as an outdated medicine whose expiry date has ended long ago.

Addressing media persons at the party
headquarters in Hyderabad on Monday, YSR Congress deputy legislature party
leader Sobha Nagi Reddy and MLA Amarnath Reddy said the TDP as a political
party has been rejected lock, stock and barrel by the people. “It is a rejected
political party,” they observed.

Observing that YSR and Chandrababu Naidu
were treated as the patents for rain and famine respectively by the people of
the state, Sobha Nagi Reddy said people are now worried that they may be hit by
a famine as Naidu is undertaking his Padayatra.

“What is the necessity for you to take
lessons from cinema directors and writers on mingling with people?” she asked
and wondered how Naidu, a leader of nearly 40 years of political experience, is
ignorant of the ways of mixing with people.

Sobha and Amarnath Reddy asked as to
what Naidu would tell people during his Padayatra. “What will you tell people
during your Padayatra? Do you want to terrorize people by reminding them about
the misdeeds of your regime? In fact, how can you take up this Yatra while you
are supporting the Congress Government in the state?” she questioned him.

Charging that Naidu had made fun of the
YSR’s promise of free power for 9 hours a day and dispensed with the NTR’s
scheme of collecting Rs.50 per 1hp motor, they asked Naidu what he would remind

“Do you want to remind the people of
Basheerbagh police firing in which three persons were killed or that you
followed the World Bank policies?” they asked.

(Updated on Oct,02,2012)

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