Naidu is adviser to Govt: Sharmila

YSR Congress Party
president Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy’s sister Sharmila described TDP chief Chandrababu
Naidu as chief  adviser to the anti-people policies of Kiran Kumar Reddy Government and made fun of his impractical
promises to the people.

Addressing people at an
impromptu public meeting at Tambapuram during the course of her eighth day
Padayatra in Anantapuram district on Thursday, Sharmila came down heavily on
Naidu for not bringing down the anti-people Congress Government.

She said Government has
appointed Naidu as its chief adviser as he once described agriculture as sheer waste
in his book ‘Manasuloni Maata’.

“Doing Padayatra is a necessity
for us as we don’t have enough MLAs to topple the anti-people Government. Naidu
has enough number of MLAs to bring down the Congress Government. But why is he
not doing that? This indicates he is in cahoots with the Congress Government,” Sharmila

Sharmila said people
are suffering heavily with the anti-people policies of the Government but Naidu
has chosen to take up the Yatra instead opting for no-confidence motion. “Students
want to read but there is no power supply for them to read their books. Neither
is there full fee reimbursement scheme for poor students to continue their
higher education studies,” Sharmila said.

YSR introduced the fee
reimbursement scheme with a view to ensure that at least one student in a poor
family would be able to pursue higher education but the present Government has
diluted the scheme unceremoniously imposing heavy burden on the common man.

Asking people not to
lose heart, Sharmila consoled them saying that one day her brother Jagan would
come out of the jail to take care of them and bring back the Rajanna Rajyam.

 (Updated on Oct 25, 2012)

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