Naidu allowed neighbours to build dams

Hyderabad, December 1, 2013: Ridiculing N Chandrababu
Naidu for his remarks on Krishna Water utilization, YSR Congress has said that
it was the TDP leader who was responsible for the under utilization of the
surplus waters as he did not build up a single project during his term.

“Nadiu who made a mockery of agriculture and
farmers failed to construct a single project on Krishna River and was a mute
spectator while the upper riparian states took up construction works on a
war-footing as Bachawat Tribunal has said that even if 75 % of work is
completed, water should be allocated to projects after the lapse of time of the
Award,” party spokesperson Gattu Ramachadnra Rao told reporters here on Sunday.

Naidu should take the blame for the Brijesh Kumar
Tribunal verdict and he has no right to speak on the subject as he was the
prime culprit. During the nine years as Chief Minister he allowed
Maharashtra to draw 700 TMC of water against its share of
560 TMC while Karnataka was utilizing 800-1,000 TMC in place of 700 TMC and
building dams illegally and increasing height to the existing ones.

Now, Naidu making noise about the Tribunal verdict
and announcing that he will go on a dharna is a gimmick as he fell flat in
tackling the irrigation sector while he was in power and was playing a key role
in national politics.

He did not take up a single project though he
usurped power from NTR and Naidu did not complete the projects for which the
TDP founder leader has laid the foundation stones. Had that been done, the
state would not have been in such a disadvantageous position as Bachawat Award
has clearly said that even if 75 % of work is completed on any project, water
should be provided after the year 2000.

Nadiu was the Chief Minister when Brijesh Kumar
Tibunal was formed in 2004 and he cannot plead ignorance of the facts of
under-utilisation of waters. It was YSR who hurried up things and took up 86
new projects with a whopping budgetary allocation of RS 50,000 crores under
Jalayaganam while Naidu in his nine year-term has allocated Rs 10,000 crores.

Irrigation, farmers and agriculture are alien
subjects to Naidu and if he speaks that he will stage a dharna against the
Tribunal Award, it would quixotic as he was responsible for present day crisis.

Trying to blame YSR for the crisis is unacceptable
as the data is available on public domain he said and challenged the TDP leader
for a round table conference on the subject.



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