Naidu, Lokesh corrupt

Hyderabad, June 7: YSR Congress has described Chandrababu Naidu as the most corrupt Chief Minister who has his personal agenda to pursue with instead of people’s welfare.

Speaking to reporters here on Tuesday, Party MLA RK Roja said that Chief Minister and his son Lokesh have institutionalized corruption and have been busy in collections instead of looking after people’s welfare.

Coming down heavily on Chief Minister the Nagari MLA said, : ‘ there is nothing that the Chief Minister has done after coming to power in the past two years but for pursuing his personal interests and inflating the corruption levels.

‘His son Lokesh has become an extra-constitutional authority and is busy in extracting commissions on all works and the father-son duo has been on a collection spree before any file is set on motion,’ she said.

In the coming days they would be allowing all vices as they have been giving licenses to liquor and gambling dens may sprout if the proper price is paid and they would not add the suffix Chandranna before liquor and other vices.

‘He has lost his mental balance and his speech has become incoherent of late and he needs medical attention,’ she said.

‘It is a shameful act to observe Navanirmana functions where everything that was going on in the state has a destructive effect. While they have put the clock of development backward, the father and son celebrating Navanirmana Deeksha function is ridiculous,’ she said.

Chadnrababu Naidu has done nothing for the welfare and safety of women and he has to pay a heavy price for it, she added.

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