Misuse of public funds ..!

Is there any end for this over spending?

Naidu  is looting the treasury..!

 Naidu's extravagance, is without boundaries. Keeping power in hand, Crores of rupees are grabbed for his own works. He is showering crocodile tears, stating that due to the absence of  income funds he could not take care of the welfare of the poorest of the poor and shouting in his temporary camp. Re modelling his illegal house and doing the final touches,  by misusing public funds. Babu is no way bothered about the state of the roads in the capital, not bothered about the homeless poor .... however, he is first to bother about his works. He is looting the treasury.

King of corruption in illegal house ..!

Once upon a time, Naidu was against the illegal structures  and insisted them to be demolished. However, he has taken one among them and making it as his residence and indulging in supporting the irregular constructors.  In the past 21 illegal buildings built in the Krishna river are forced to be demolished while ordering the collectors. One of  it is the guest house of Lingmaneni. Naidu made it as a temporary residence  and spending crores of rupees in the name of minimal requirements in the infrastructure which is facing lot of criticism.  Remaining 20 accused  illegal structures were supported by Naidu is also the criticism faced by Babu now.

 Looted funds of people for buildings ..!

Vijayawada Irrigation department office and Lingamaneni guest house are considered as temporary office and temporary home. For that, he is spending Crores of rupees. For camp office development, in the past Rs. 10.20 Crores are given. However for the Guest house decoration and re-molding, Rs, 16 Crores and roads Rs. 70 Crores are allotted.  This way, for temporary arrangements of buildings almost Rs, 110.85 Crores were spent and been criticized . In addition to the cost, the permanent chief headquarters, and camp offices can be build is the expectation of the officials

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