Mad rush to meet Jagan

Hyderabad, September, 8, 2012 : There
has been a mad rush to meet  YSR Congress
President  Mr. Jaganmohan reddy  by the politicians belonging to various parties.

YSR Congress Party has been spreading its roots firmly in all districts
including Telangana area  by the
dedicated work carried by Vijayamma and Jagan, every politician feels its the
only  sure base for winning elections.
Hence they  are vying with each other  for an assurance from Jagan for a seat either
in Panchayat bodies or in Assembly.

 Many rumours have been making rounds that
Jagan has already started selection process 
for the coming  elections. Even
there are  news items in the media  that he has already assured some seats
to  aspirants who approached him. It has
become a hot topic amongst politicians 
conveying each other that Jagan has started selection of candidates for
the coming elections. 

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