Local polls, a fight against anti-welfare forces

Hyderabad, July 11,
2013: YSR Congress Party honourary president Smt. Y.S. Vijayamma appealed to
the people to treat the Panchayat polls as a fight between pro and anti-welfare
forces in view of the fact that the issue of electing candidates is linked to
the future of the villages.

In a statement issued
here, she said people should distinguish between pro-welfare political parties
and the parties that have been playing havoc with our lives. “Keeping this in
view, you should elect your candidates to have prosperity of the villages,” she
said in the statement.

Calling the YSR regime
as a golden era, Smt. Vijayamma said that both Congress and TDP are
anti-development parties as they destroyed the state by neglecting welfare and

“The two parties have
destroyed the state on all fronts including agriculture and industry sectors
damaging the social equations and the village economy. The Panchayat elections
should be treated as a golden opportunity to nip in the bud their
machinations,” she suggested.

Saying that the
Panchayat polls are a fight between YSRCP that won the confidence of the people
with its immeasurable credibility on one side and both Congress and TDP that
lost the trust of the people with their anti-development stance on the other,
Smt. Vijayamma said the defeat of such parties would lead to the defeat of the
forces working against the future of the state.

“Party cadres should fight
the Panchayat polls in unison as the victory in the local polls is a first step
towards bringing back the golden era of YSR,” she said in the statement. 

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