KCR's Brazen Acts

Hyderabad: KCR's rule was evil-natured, mentioned TYSRCP president Gattu Srikanth Reddy. He criticised that KCR had intended reorganisation of districts only out of political ill-intentions. He remarked that the issue of district reorganisation would not stand in the court of law. He spoke to the media on account of the silent protest conducted by TYSRCP at BR Ambedkar's statue on the Tank Bund against KCR's tyrannical rule.
Here is what he spoke.
  • KCR has shamelessly absorbed the MP and the 3 MLAs who had won from TYSRCP. We challenge him to make them resign and seek fresh mandate.
  • The Government is too shameless to hear the Supreme Court's opinions.
  • MLAs are secretly being blackmailed and lured.
  • It is 2.5 years since TRS came to power. Not a single job has been given. Not a single acre has been provided with irrigation water. Farmers are being physically assaulted with lotty charge.
  • Reorganisation of districts should happen according to article 170. This will not happen until 2023.
  • YSRCP is a party recognised by the Elections Commission. YSRCP is against TRS's atrocities.
  • Two lakh projects are being carried out without DPR report for nobody's benefit.

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