Jaleel Khan is a traitor

Vijayawada: YSR Congress Party leaders condemned Jaleel Khan’s betrayal towards the party that had given him the ticket, the people who voted for him and the party activists who worked hard for his success in elections and his soul sale to TDP. They stated that Jaleel Khan’s migration was actually a relief to the party. West constituency’s corporators of YSRCP, party’s senior leaders and prime leaders assembled for a meeting at ‘Maa Illu’ function hall.

Bandi Punyasheela, floor leader of Municipal Corporation slammed Jaleel Khan for deceiving the trust of the party and its activists and joining TDP. Kama Devaraju, the state secretary of YSRCP criticized the disloyalty of Jaleel Khan towards the party people and the efforts they put for his win. He appealed for coordination in the successful run of the conference on the 6th of this month.

Bulla Vijaya Kumar, the corporator of 50th division strongly commented Jaleel Khan’s exploitation of YSRCP leaders. He commented that Jaleel had always been inclined towards the people who bribed him and was never in support of the activists. He confided that Jaleel’s migration in fact strengthened the party. Corporator of 40th division Asif stated that there was nothing Jaleel Khan had done for the people or the activists. He reminded Jaleel Khan’s earlier statement that he had not done anything for the people who had voted for him in that last two years. He also added that it was waste of time to even talk about Jaleel Khan who had left the party.

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