Initiate measures for women’s security

Dec 23, 2012: Strongly condemning the incident of gang rape of the Delhi paramedical student,
YSR Congress honouray president Smt. Y. S. Vijayamma demanded the Centre to
take stringent measures to prevent recurrence of such crimes against women. 

Regretting that the Parliament
failed to discus the steps to be taken to prevent growing crime against women,
Vijayamma faulted the police and Government for acting rude against the thousands
of protestors who turned up voluntarily to express their anger against the
ghastly crime. 

“It is a matter of concern that
every year 28, 000 women are becoming victims of rape across the country,” she
said in a statement.

Recalling Mahatma Gandhi’s
words that ‘we attain the real freedom only when lonely women
can walk freely anywhere in our country during mid-night’, Vijayamma said the
gang rape incident has revealed the degradation of the security for women in
the country. 

The Government should explore the
reasons for such crimes and take immediate measures to prevent atrocities
against women. “It is very unfortunate that there are lobbies among political
parties for bringing FDI into the country but no lobby is there to work on
behalf of women,” she said. 

Smt. Vijayamma wished speedy recovery of the assaulted
victim who has been battling for life in
Safdarjang Hospital in Delhi.

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