Huge New Joining In YSRCP In E.G.Dt.

East Godavari
: TDP is becoming weak in its otherwise area of
strength. With crucial leader from Marripudi village of Rangampet mandal, Rimmalapudi
Venkateswara Rao, quitting TDP to join YSRCP, TDP faced a huge blow. Over 500
activists followed him to join YSRCP under the supervision of Dr. Satthi
Suryanarayana Reddy, the constituency’s coordinator. District party president
Kurasala kannababu welcomed them into the party by decorating them with the
party’s scarves. He spoke on this occasion at the meeting presided by mandal
convener Nalla Srinivasa Rao and remarked that the commapse of strong pillars
of TDP in the district had commenced with Marripudi.

Kannababu remarked that
political positions were not permanent and that people would soon teach a
lesson to TDP’s arrogant rule. Acclaiming YSRCP president as a great leader who
did justice to all the activists who had trusted him, he slammed TDP leaders
for criticising him and making false allegations against him, while unethically
buying YSRCP’s MLAs. He confided that Marripudi Abbu would rise from mandal level
to district level, he assured his support to all activists.

YSRCP youth wing
president Jakkampudi Raja spoke on the occasion and opined that YSR’s golden
rule would soon come back through YS Jagan. Stating that people were observing
Chandrababu’s corrupt and tyrannical rule, he said that false cases were being
filed on YSRCP activists.

Dr. Satthi Suryanarayana
Reddy spoke on this occasion to criticize the TDP MLA who neglected activists
of the party who put efforts for its good and gave more importance to the
commissions collected from liquor stores and added that people would soon teach
a lesson to such a person. He mentioned how notorious ‘Ramu tax’ was being

He remarked that people
could realise the failure of the MLA for not providing water through Chagalnadu
lift irrigation scheme for the past 2.5 years. He demanded for the exposure of
the conversation between Chandrababu and the MLA who was boasting to have
spoken to the CM regarding the issue. He also commented that such a huge number
of people from Marripudi joined YSRCP out of disgust for the corrupt MLA. He
thanked the activists for their affection and assured them of his support.

District official
spokesman Sabbella Krishnareddy, state publicity secretary Ravuri Venkateswara
Rao and Chirla Veeraghava Reddy spoke on this occasion and commented that TDP
cadre from such a strong area was joining YSRCP out of disgust towards TDP’s
corrupt rule.

Rimmalapudi Venkateswara
Rao (Abbu), former sarpanchs Rimmalapudi Krishnamurthy, Mortha Venkannam Pilli
Tatarao, Kora Suryanarayana Murthy, former MPTC members Penke Srinivasa Rao,
Putta Yuvaraju, MandapalliJyothi Yesaiah, Medida Raju, former vice-sarpanch
Modukuri Bangarraju, TDP former president Putta Gopaludu, Vidya committee
chairman Vegi Rambabu, ward members, Kakatiya youth, Kapunadu youth, Alluri
Sitaramaraju youth, Balija youth, Ambedkar youth, Jagjivanram youth, MRPS,
farmer-worker society members and Congress activists were among those who
joined YSRCP.

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