Govt trumpeting over hollowness of schemes

Hyderabad, May 3, 2013:
YSR Congress party on Friday came down heavily on the Government’s trumpeting
of its newly announced schemes saying they are only meant for publicity and the
Government is not sincere in their implementation.

Addressing newspersons
here at the party headquarters, party MLA G. Srikanth Reddy said the Government
has been indulging in useless blitzkrieg over the schemes wasting people’s
money though their implementation is nowhere to be seen.

While the people are
suffering due to lack of water and power across the state, the Government has
been unabashedly indulging in useless publicity over the schemes while wisely
covering its failure to implement the schemes, he charged.

Lashing out at the
Government for failing to implement the schemes such as Re.1 a kg rice, Rajiv
Yuva Kiranalu, Ammahastam, Bangaru Talli, Pachchatoranam and for diluting the
Arogya Sri, fee reimbursement, 25 paisa interest, 104 and 108 schemes
implemented successfully by the YSR regime, Srikanth Reddy said the failure of
the Government to implement the schemes exposed its hypocrisy and lack of
sincerity towards the public welfare.

The Re.1 a Kg rice
scheme, introduced with much fanfare, has been forcing the poor  families to spend an additional Rs.400 each
every month for purchasing rice in the open market as the Government is only
supplying 20 kg.

“The government has not
provided any new permanent jobs under the Rajiv Yuva Kiranalu scheme despite
the CM’s promise of providing 10 lakh jobs. While the Indiramma Kalalu has left
people with day-dreaming, no new bore wells were dug up under the Indira Jala
Prabha,” he said, adding the Government has diluted the YSR’s Arogya Sri Scheme
by removing 130 diseases from its purview.

The Government has only
allotted Rs.600 Cr in the budget for the Amma Hastam scheme while actual
requirement of funds was Rs. 2300 Cr to supply provisions for 2.5 Cr white
ration card holders, he said, adding the meager allotment of funds only exposed
the lack of Government’s sincerity over its implementation.

The hollowness was
exposed when the PM refused to attend the inauguration of the Rajiv Yuva
Kiranalu scheme. “The PM refused to attend it as it was a sham,” Srikanth Reddy

He said professional
students were left high and dry as the Government imposed limitation to the fee
reimbursement scheme and added: “Only a leader like Sri Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy
will implement the welfare schemes successfully as YSR did.” 

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