Govt pushed farmers into crisis: Kakani

Nellore:  YSRCP MLA, Kakani Govardhana Reddy representing Sarvepalli constituency in Nellore district charged the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and his government, ‘anti – farmer’. Addressing a press conference at Nellore district YSRCP office, Reddy said the YSRCP chief and Opposition leader YS Jaganmohan Reddy has extended all support to the GST Bill in the Assembly and outside, but the TDP government is trying to send wrong message as if the YSRCP has opposed the Bill which is not true.
 Besides passing the GST Bill, the YSRCP demanded a discussion on the plight of farmers as the entire farmer community is in distress. But, the government has showed its back to discuss the farmers issue as it failed to mitigate the agrarian problems, he said.
 He asked the government that is it not the responsibility of the Opposition to press for a solution to the burning issues when the government is not prepared to address them on its own. The government, he alleged, literally ran away from the assembly. 
Stating that the TDP has promised to implement Swaminathan Committee recommendations and create market intervention fund of Rs.5000 cores if it voted to power. But even after three years it's not implemented and Kakani demanded an explanation from Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu. Famers committing suicides and the farmers are in distress still the government is insensitive, he quipped. The YSRCP legislator alleged that the TDP government has pushed the agriculture sector as such into deep crisis and added that the governments is interested in real estate business on farmers lands but not in their welfare.  
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