Government's Conspiracy To Rob Farmers' Lands

Visakhapatnam: YSRCP leaders slammed the Government's trials to rob farmers' lands in Visakhapatnam in the name of land pooling. Speaking to the media from the party's office on Saturday, they stated how 286 farmers from mugapaka had complained about their lands being snatched in the name of land pooling, by the Managing Director of Jalavihar, Nadimpalli Venkata Ramaraju, who had shown them pictures taken with Chandrababu and Lokesh, claiming friendship with them.

They informed that he had removed trees from their farms and created roads, kilometres in length and threatened the farmers into selling him their lands for low prices. Deceived farmers' complaint to commissioner Yoganand also had yielded no result, they said.

Criticising that the police had taken no action against Venkata Ramaraju as he was collaborated with Lokesh, they demanded action against Venkata Ramaraju.
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