Gods Need Security In TDP Government: YSRCP

Vijayawada: Besides humans, gods too fear for their safety in the Telugu Desam government, YSRCP spokesman TJR Sudhakar Babu said.

Addressing the media here on Friday, he said the conduct of tantrik rituals in the world famous Durga temple of Vijayawada indicates that there is no safety for gods too. He questioned the rationale of the government in setting-up an inquiry committee when the CCTV footage of the temple clearly show that unauthorised rituals did take place in the famous temple. "The devotees of the temple strongly believe that the said rituals were performed by MLC Buddha Venkanna for the benefit of minister Nara Lokesh. The incident has hurt the sentiments of scores of Hindus across the state," the spokesman said. 

Sudhakar Babu called on the state government to come clean on the nature and reason for conducting the rituals at the Durga temple.

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