The Fate Met By Congress Will Await TDP and BJP As Well

  • All parties should
    accept the private bill
  • Wishes of 5 crore
    Telugu people should be realised
  • YSRCP’s fight will
    continue until special status is achieved
  • YSRCP leaders rally in
    Guntur for special status

Guntur (Patnam
Guntur East MLA Sheik Mohammed Mustafa and YSRCP’s state secretary Lella
Appireddy called for all the political parties to accept the private bill
introduced in Rajya Sabha for AP’s special status, much to the joy of 5 crore
Telugu people of the state. They rallied from the party’s office in Arandalpet
to Ambedkar’s statue in Lodge centre, seeking special status for the state.
Then they decorated Ambedkar’s statue with flower garlands and paid homage to

Speaking on this
occasion, Mohammed Mustafa and Lella Appireddy mentioned that TDP in power in
the state and BJP in power at the centre should keep their promise by accepting
the private bill introduced in the parliament. They cautioned TDP an BJP to otherwise
be ready to face the same consequences faced by Congress Party in the state
when it had unjustly bifurcated the state. They stated that they would work
together with anyone for the achievement of special status. An illustration for
this was the declaration made in the last assembly sessions, they reminded.
They assured that they would keep fighting till special status was achieved.

Participating in the
rally were YSRCP leaders Kolakaluri Koteswara Rao, Angadi Srinivasa Rao, Noone
Uma Maheswara Reddy, Elika Srikanth Yadav, Jagankoti, Sk. Jani, Ganika Jhansi
Rani, Dasari Kiran, Panuganti Chaitanya, Meruva Narsireddy, Arumbadda Venkata
Kondareddy, Kota Picchireddy, Bodapati Kishore and Ambedkar among others.



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