Farmer betrayed in TDP Ruling

A farmer has attempted for suicide by climbing up the cut-out of Chandrababu Naidu near the CM Camp Office in Vijayawada. This farmer, Govindarajulu wrote a suicide note mentioning that he is committing for suicide because of huge losses in agriculture. He came all the way from Kurnool to express his grievances and problems but when the Police stopped him, he became very upset.

The lives of farmers in the state worsen…they were deceived in loan waiver matter, in providing supportive prices for the harvest they were deceived again, in giving them help & support from drought they were cheated and they were deceived again in cyclone assistance. The TDP ruling has cheated the farmer again and again. The farmers who lost all their money on agriculture and who were forced into the abyss of debts are committing suicides. All the opposition parties are criticizing that TDP is mopre focused in planning means and ways to rob the state but is not bothered at all about the devastating state of farmer in the state.

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