Expatriates Deserve Justice

Srikakulam: YSRCP president of Srikakulam district Reddy Santhi demanded justice for the expatriates of Vamsadhara and Thotapalli projects. She mentioned that there were 7000 expatriate families in the district and the number would go as high as 11,000 including the youth. She informed that only 3000 of them had been granted plots till now. Santhi also mentioned that none of the youth had been given RR package till date.

She remarked that reformations had happened as a result of fight of Thotapalli project's expatriates but implementation was failing. She informed that the 2007 amendment of GO 68 stated that the women over age 18, the handicapped, the divorcee women and the widows were to be given RR package but it was not being implemented for any project. She also added that villages in 100 metre radius of FRL point were supposed to considered as flood areas. She demanded that the Government responded at least now in view of compensating the loss of expatriates.

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