Evil Yellow Eye On The Jewel Of The East Coast

Visakhapatnam: Ex.minister and YSRCP senior leader Botsa
Satyanarayana criticised that TDP leaders lay their evil eye on Visakhapatnam
city. He spoke to the media at the party’s office in Visakhapatnam. He
described that Visakhapatnam was next to Mumbai in development in the whole
country. He complained that this development had attracted the evil attention
of TDP leaders, especially Nara Lokesh. He also reminded that even BJP leaders
like Venkaiah Naidu had evil intentions towards the city. Botsa mentioned that
the lands of Brahma Samaj were supposed to benefit the poor and not to be
intruded by anybody else. He stated that TDP leaders were conspiring to
encroach these lands.


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