Democratic forces urged to stall T Bill

Hyderabad, Feb 13, 2014: Appealing to all
democratic forces to stall the division Bill in the Parliament, YSR Congress
has said the faulty Bill needs legal sanctity besides the paucity of time will
hamper its safe sailing and took objection to Congress seeking the help of BJP
to tide over the situation unmindful of sentiments of 75 % of the people who
are against the division.  

“The legal sanctity of the Bill is one aspect
even which the Speaker Meira Kumar has shown concern, particularly the 371 (d),
while the Congress has been rushing through the process and is running the
affair like a corporate house instead of following the time-tested democratic
practices,” party spokesperson Jupudi Prabhakar Rao told reporters here on

I appeal to all democratic forces to unite and
demand the Centre send the Bill to Select Committee, he said.  

The Prime Minister, Congress President and
floor managers of the Congress trying to please BJP through dinner diplomacy
and other such appeasing means shows that the Party can stoop to any level for
its divisive politics.  

The Council in Andhra Pradesh was revived by
YSR only after amending the article in the Parliament and the division of the
state should also take the same route. While Lok Sabha Speaker is expressing
doubts about the legal sanctity, Congress wants to rush through the Bill paying
scant respect to the parliamentary practices, he said. 

“In a democratic functioning, people’s will
has to prevail and not the desire of one person or a group of persons. While 75
% of the people of the State or opposing Congress Party is unabashedly going
forward with the division process throwing all caution and provisions, legal,
democratic or otherwise, to winds. TDP is supporting the Congress at every step
and it will be curtains for the two parties in the next elections,” he said.  

Division of the State has become so important
an issue for Congress and it is treating it as an internal security issue. All
this is only to please Sonia Gandhi who wants to make her son Prime Minister.
Congress taking the help of BJP is so surprising, while more than half of its
own MPs from the State are opposing the move; it is trying to break bread with
the main opposition party which shows the unethical behaviour of the

After the death of YSR, the State fell into
the hands of weak leaders who have become puppets in the hands of high command
that has been playing divisive politics.

From the day the Bill had come to the State
assembly, YSR Congress has been of the strong view that the Bill is
undemocratic but the state leadership played according to the script of high
command and after 49 days of what they called debate, returned branding it is

A Bill rejected by the State assembly cannot
be taken up in the Parliament and this is against the federal spirit and can
only happen in dictatorship. It is not the Centre but the state also has powers
and its rights should be considered.  

The division issue had come up during the YSR
term as well. He has set up a committee and identified 11major issues that
needed to be solved before attempting to divide the state. The Sri Krishna
Committee too said the division is not viable.  

Setting aside all opinions, the Congress has
taken up the division issue for its political needs and its only concern is
that YSRCP is growing in leaps and bounds in the state and wants to stall this
progress. We will go to people’s court and seek the mandate which will brush
away Congress and TDP, he said.  

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has undertaken fast
against the Bill while he was in jail and is leading the United State movement
from the front. “The paucity of time and legal implications will not carry the
Bill and our Party appeals to all democratic forces to stall the Bill and
demand to send it to a Select Committee,” he said.

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