Demand For Chand Basha's Resignation

Guntur (Dachepalli): YSR Congress party mandal convener Sheikh Zakir Hussain condemned the defection of Chand Basha. He stated that the migration of the MLA who had been elected from YSRCP into TDP hurt the feelings of Muslim minority voters. They demanded for immediate resignation of Chand Basha. They criticized backstabbing the party that had given political establishment to the leader. They proclaimed that Chandrababu had to make Chand Basha resign to his assembly membership if he had any trace of commitment.

YSRCP CP minority cell mandal convener Syed Moulali, MPTC Sheikh Khasim Saiza, district ex. executive member Shaik Khader Basha and others slammed TDP's unethical politics.
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