Constitutional crisis only can stop division

Hyderabad, Jan 6, 2014: The
amendments and suggestions to the draft Bill need not be carried out by Centre
and the division process can be stalled only by creating a constitutional
crisis, YSR Congress has said and slammed Kiran Kumar Reddy and N Chandrababu
Naidu for helping the division process.

“Though on earlier
occasions, suggestions were made about Haridwar while Uttarakhand was axed from
Uttar Pradesh and there was a demand to make Bombay as Union Territory while
Gujarat was separated from Maharashtra, the voice of the assembly was not taken
into consideration.

The same would happen in
the State as well and discussion on the Bill, suggestions and amendments need
not be considered during the division process and only a constitutional crisis
can avert the division,” party senior leader Konatala Ramakrishna told
reporters here on Sunday.

Though many states are
formed, nowhere was this undemocratic procedure followed and a resolution in
the assembly is a must and this essential procedure is not being adhered to
which is against the federal spirit.

Earlier, it was told that
first a resolution will come up for discussion which will be sent to the
parliament which will in turn prepare a draft bill and send it to the assembly
but that procedure was not followed. Without passing a resolution, our party
will not participate in any discussion, he said.

The draft Bill has many
anomalies as it does not mention the aims and objectives and has no mention of
financial statement. The revenue division is a contentious issue which is not
addressed to and the basis for the division of assets and liabilities are also
not mentioned and the Bill is incomplete.

The ratio of population and
revenue in Telangana and Seemandhra are very disproportionate, he said adding
that while we have given affidavits to the President why did Congress and TDP
leaders who are opposing the division do the same thing.

YSR Congress will keep up
the fight for a united state and the division is irrational and Chief Minister
has to answer as to why he did not table a resolution on a united state as he
has promised earlier. It is unfortunate that both Kiran Kumar Reddy and
Chandrababu Naidu did not speak a single word in favour of the resolution, he

The proposed brainstorming
of Kiran Kumar Reddy after January 23 would be futile as very little will be
left by then, he said.


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