Congress Leaders Of Kurnool District Join YSRCP

  • Kurnool district's Congress party president joins YSRCP
  • Joining in the presence of YS Jagan
  • BY Ramaiah and other leaders invited
Hyderabad: A large number of Congress leaders from Kurnool district joined YSRCP. In the presence of YSRCP's president of Kurnool district, GouruVenkata Reddy, the Congress party president of the district, BY Ramaiah and many other leaders joined YSR Congress Party. Party president YS Jagan invited them into the party by decorating them with the party's scarves.

Speaking on this occasion, Ramaiah stated that people wanted YS Jagan to become the CM of the state. He added that he voluntarily joined YSRCP in order to support people's wishes and work for them. Gouru Venkata Reddy mentioned that the people of Kurnool district were in favour of YS Jagan, although five MLAs from the district had defected to join TDP. He also complained that Chandrababu had been doing injustice to Rayalaseema. He assured that YSRCP would win with flying colours whenever corporation elections were held in Kurnool. He also mentioned that people were ready to offer victory to YSRCP in 14 places.
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