Cong Govt has turned villages into orphans

Sirigiripuram (R.R.Dt),
Dec 13, 2012: Charging the Congress Government with running away from the
responsibility of conducting local body elections for fear of losing them to
the YSR Congress Party, Smt. Sharmila said the villages and hamlets have become
orphans in the present dispensation.

Interacting with the
villagers of the Sirigiripuram in Maheswaram constituency of Ranga Reddy
district at a Rachchabanda programme on Wednesday, she said the administration
in the villages has gone astray as the Government abandoned them to their fate.

Without elections to
the village Panchayats for so many years and with no official paying attention
to the villages, the people are being left high and dry with no solution in
sight for their problems. “The government is running away from conducting local
body elections as it fears that YSR Congress may win over all the seats,” she

Dr.YSR wanted to turn
all hamlets and tribal Tandas into Panchayats but the Government has turned
them into orphans, Smt. Sharmila has charged.

She made the remarks
when the women complained to her about the village problems remaining unsolved
in the absence of local body elections.

She also found fault with Chief Minister Kiran Kumar
Reddy for making empty promises over   generating 15 lakh jobs for the youth and
fetching in Rs. 6 lakh Cr investments into the state.

Saying the people have realized that these were
empty promises, Smt. Sharmila observed the Government has not created even 1.5
lakh jobs while the power crisis has been forcing the industries to down
shutters resulting in unemployment.


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