Cong fearing defeat : Nalla Surya Prakash

Hyderabad, April 12,
2014: Asserting that the Party will emerge as a force to reckon with in
Telangana region, YSR Congress has said the Congress leaders have no right to
invoke the name of YSR in the elections as it has done away with all the
welfare schemes and is now trying to hijack his legacy. 

“Only YS Jagan Mohan
Reddy is the true heir of YSR and YSRCP will carry forward his legacy of
welfare state and the claims of former Deputy Chief Minister Damodar Rajanarsimha
stand no chance as he has never spoken when there was injustice being meted out
to YSR and his family members.  

Putting at rest all
speculation that we have no base in Telangana, we have fielded candidates at
105 places and will emerge as a kingmaker after the elections. Damodar
Rajanarsimha has distanced dalits due to the anti-people policies of the
Congress,” party SC Cell convenor Nalla Surya Prakash told reporters
here on Friday.  

YSR has envisaged
bringing in 40,000 acres of land under cultivation with Singur project but
after his death Congress has cut it down to 1,000 acres and Medak farmers are
left high and dry with the faulty priorities. During the bumi pooja,
Rajanarsimha has promised to erect YSR statue but went back and when we did it,
cases were booked against us.  

When the statue was
defiled by some miscreants no proper investigation was carried out and the case
was closed at the behest of Rajanarsimha.  

In the time of
elections, Congress leaders trying to hijack and own up YSR welfare schemes
will not be tolerated and people will teach a fitting lesson, he said and
warned the Congress leaders for invoking YSR name as they were silent when his
name was included in the FIR and did not speak out when his family members were
harassed YS Jagan Mohan Reddy was jailed for 16 months.  

It is YSR welfare schemes that have
percolated deep into the hearts of the populace that will yield result to YSRCP
in the ensuing elections and we will be a force in Telangana and will play a
key role government formation, he said.

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