Chandrababu's Vengeance Towards YSR District

YSR District: YSRCP slammed the TDP Government on the occasion of farmers' maha dharna in front of the collectorate of YSR district today. They criticised the injustice done by Chandrababu to the farmers of YSR district. They mentioned that Babu had been exhibiting revengeful attitude towards Rayalaseema. They declared that their fight would continue until the Government came to the aid of the farmers of YSR district.

Gadikota Srikanth Reddy (MLA of Rayachoti)
MLA Srikanth Reddy commented that Chandrababu had started the pretense of rain guns only to deceive farmers and escape without having to pay input subsidy. He questioned what was the use of sprinkling a few drops of water after the crops had been destroyed. He complained that Chandrababu was earning thousands of crores of rupees through Mangampet mining and red sandal in Kadapa. He criticised Babu for exploitng the natural resources of the area, while neglecting the people of it. He slammed Chandrababu for calling the rather disciplined people of Kadapa as rowdies and goons. Srikanth Reddy acclaimed YS Jagan for fighting with commitment for the benefit of the people. He mentioned how he had extended support to the farmers' agitation. Saying that the weather also cooled down after YS Jagan's arrival at the site of the dharna, he opined that they also had God's blessings.He demanded the Government for maintenance of 854 feet level of water in Srisailam reservoir, establishment of steel plant in Kadapa and even development throughout Rayalaseema.

Korumutla Srinivasulu (MLA of Railway Koduru)
MLA Korumutla Srinivasulu questioned how water could be release to KC canal. Brahma Sagar, Galeru-Nagari and Handri-Neeva without maintaining 854 feet water level in Srisailam reservoir. Mentioning that YSRCP president YS Jagan was staging the maha dharna in order to wake up the dormant Government, he mentioned that the farmers of believed that the area would be developed if YS became the CM. He stated that they would demand the Government in the assembly regarding the justice deserved by the area of Rayalaseema. He ridiculed that Chandrababu had earned stay on court orders, as he was not as brave as YS Jagan. He mentioned that ABMDC prospered under YSR's tenure. Korumutla explained how peanut, banana and papaya crops were withering under Babu's rule.

Rachamallu Siva Prasad Reddy (MLA of Proddutur)
MLA Rachamallu Siva Prasad Reddy complained that Chandrababu was showing vengeful attitude towards Rayalaseema and acting dormant. He mentioned that 92 acres in KC canal area could be cultivated if 10 TMC water was given. He slammed the Government for not providing water in spite of the presence of 151 TMC of water in Srisailam. Chandrababu, who had been diverting water from Srisailam to Sagar and Krishna Delta for answering the needs of drinking water and electricity, was not giving even 10 TMC to Kadapa district, he commented.  Rachamallu mentioned that Babu's vengeful attitude towards the people of YSR district was because the people of the district were affectionate to YS Jagan. He complained that Babu had not kept any of the promises he had made to people at teh time of elections like loan waiver to farmers and handloom workers, jobs, stipend for the unemployed, ration, sites, bicycles and passes. He confided that the state would prosper only if YS Jagan became the CM. Mentioning that 1,20,000 acres of crop fields under Brahmam Sagar area and 92,000 acres in KC canal area were withering. To prevent further damage, he called for teaching Chandrababu a lesson.

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