Chandrababu’s corruption tsunami

  • TDP’s huge scams under the mask of capital construction
  • A binami for every piece of the acquired lands
  • People deceived by the yellow leaders
  • Thousands of acres swallowed by Chandrababu & co.
  •  More and more land scams of TDP are seeing the light of day as time goes. The ingestion of lands by Lokesh, ministers and MLAs with binami names under the mask of capital city construction is uncovered. International level robbery performed by Chandrababu & co. who promised construction of international level capital city on poor farmers and dalits is astonishing the people of the state.

     Chandrababu raised curtain for a huge tsunami of corruption by planting a binami for every bit of the lands in the robbery of 25000 acres. The perfect burglary performed by Lokesh, ministers Narayana, Prathipati Pullarao, Ravela Kishore Babu, Sujana Chowdary, Dhulipalla Narendra, Payyavula Keshav, Kodela Sivarama Krishna, the son of the speaker, Murali Mohan and some others has been disclosed with proofs. What has now been exposed is only part of the unimaginably huge robbery yet to be revealed.

     Thousands of farmers in the capital area fell victim to the cruel game played by the yellow leaders under the mask of power. The leaders successfully stole the assigned lands and wastelands from the farmers and the dalits of the capital area. By leaking information about the new capital in advance and by devising savage tricks, they managed to deceive the farmers. They purchased thousands of acres of expensive lands at meagre costs. They rose to riches by registering the farmers’ lands to binami names and paying them extremely low prices.

     Chandrababu & co. implemented their well-planned trick of creating havoc regarding the location of the new capital and scaring the farmers by spreading rumours that the Government would pay no compensation for the acquired lands. Thus the yellow vultures succeeded in forcing the farmers to sell their lands for scanty prices. The ‘Binami’ drama played by the ministers and the MLAs in the direction of CM Chandrababu shocked everybody.


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