Chandrababu Should Feel Ashamed of himself

Vijayawada: YSRCP woman leader and Vijayawada corporator Punyaseela said that Roja was kidnapped by the police. " Chandrababu hatched a plan and got Roja kidnapped by the police due to fear of Roja. He scared of Roja thinking that she will speak about the ongoing atrocities against the women in the state at the National Parliamentarians Convention," the YSRCP leader said. 

Chandrababu, who has been boasting that he is inviting guests from around the world, should be ashamed of himself for humiliating the women from his own state, she added 
Roja was detained for about a half hour at Gannavaram airport before being taken away.  She demanded that Roja be released immediately and be allowed to take part in the National Parliamentarians Convention.
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