Chandrababu is ‘seema villain’..!

Don’t you see the farmers troubles..!

Stop publicity and think about the farmers..!

The YSRCP MLA Srikanth Reddy criticized that Chandrababu always concerned about his publicity and foreign travel, he is not bothered about the farmer issues. The Rayalaseema is massively suffering from the drought but he did not conduct even one meeting, he is not paying any concern to the farmers who were committing suicides. The MLA demanded that he must stop spending money on his publicity and save the farmers.

Did acrobatics…where is water?

The MLA said that the government did not listen to their cries asking not to release water from Srisailam, now again they are planning to release 17.7 TMC water. The TDP did all sorts of gimmicks in the name of Pattiseema, then why water was not given if Pattiseema was completed?, he questioned. They did not answer why they are releasing water from Srisailam.

‘Seema Villain’

The MLA questioned Chandrababu if he has anytime written a letter to the neighboring Karnataka for water? Why cannot he do it when he can roam for his case waiver, corruption transactions in foreign countries and to invite everybody for foundation? He said that if there was any person who was born on the land of Rayalaseema trying to cheat the people of his own land, that person will be Chandrababu alone!

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