Chandrababu is the leader of brokers: YS Jagan

Saluru: Leader of Opposition in Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly and YSRCP President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who is on his mass contact initiative, Praja Sankalpa Yatra addressed a public meeting in Saluru constituency of Vizianagaram district on day 291.

Launching a scathing attack at the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) for trying to woo YSRCP MLAs, he said that local MLA Rajanna Dora did not succumb to pressures from TDP leaders unlike the Bobbili MLA, who defected to TDP after winning on a YSRCP ticket.

Reacting to the numerous complaints on the sorry state of public health care in the constituency, he said that Chandrababu's government did not take action even after witnessing 11 deaths caused by fever in the recent times. Out of the eight doctors required at the Saluru government hospital, only four are in service, he observed.

Stressing the need for irrigation in the region, he said that he was proud to know that his father late Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy's determination was behind the completion of the Peddagadda reservoir, which benefits thousands of acres of land in the constituency. Farmers in Saluru and Ramabhadrapuram mandals need irrigation water, but Chandrababu failed to complete the construction of Andhra high-level canal, he said. The completion of Gomukhi regulator would benefit large parts of the constituency, he added.

In the four years of Chandrababu rule, not even a single crop was given the MSP, he asserted. The reason lies in the fact that Chandrababu is the leader of the brokers. Chandrababu's Heritage company purchases crops for less price from farmers and sells its products at 3-4 times the price, he said.

"In Saluru, the locals were complaining about TDP's failure to begin the Rs 50 crore worth drinking water project from Peddagadda reservoir. The Mega water scheme, which was launched by Dr YSR to supply drinking water to 97 villages is in a pitiable state, he said. Currently, not even 30 villages get water," he lamented.

YS Jagan said that National Highway No. 26, which passes through the midst of Saluru creating traffic and pollution problems to the locals, has not been replaced by a bypass road. He said that the plight of the Agrigold victims was getting worse by the day under Chandrababu. "I have received many a complaint from the victims in the district. Chandrababu is driven by self-interest and not public welfare," he added.

YS Jagan pointed out that the women's self-help groups were let down and denied the promised loan waivers. The AP CM promised to build a house for every poor man in the state—"how many houses has he built till date?" he asked. In Dr. YSR's regime, 20,000 houses were built in this constituency, but not even a single house has been built in the last four years, YS Jagan said. Back in 2014, Chandrababu promised to waive off farm loans, instead he has burdened the state government with a loan of Rs 87,600 crores, he said. Bank loan notices continue to harass farmers and the women's co-operative societies, he added.

The YSRCP Chief said to a massive public gathering that Chandrababu had promised to give Rs 2,000 to every household without employment but he cheated them for four years before announcing Rs 1,000 allowance to very few people.

Adding that rampant corruption was prevalent in Chandrababu's rule, YS Jagan said that Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakriahnudu's relative was offered a sub-contract in Polavaram project work for double the price. In TDP rule, money is being demanded even for ration, pension, houses and toilets, he said. The TDP leaders have exploited all resources like sand,cement,electricity and coal, he said. They did not even spare temple lands and ornaments inside the temples, he said.

"Chandrababu is making the government schools disappear. In TDP rule, schools and colleges are being closed down in the name of rationalization, whilst children are not provided with books and uniforms, even after several months into the academic year," YS Jagan observed.

On the other hand, corporate schools like Sri Chaitanya and Narayana are continuing to flourish. Neither salaries nor raw material bills are being paid to mid-day meal workers, while no text books are supplied to government schools yet as we near the end of October, he said.

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