Cancel Power Plant License

Hyderabad: YSR Congress has slammed TDP government for breaching all set norms to allot power plant contracts to its favoured few in a tailor-made system by paying exorbitant rates and going in for production though there is no immediate need for additional power. This could emerge as one of the biggest scam and we demand to terminate the contract, order and inquiry with people of high efficiency and expertise and undertake a study to assess whether or not we need to go additional power generation at this juncture where no power shortage is foreseen in near future.
‘The state has cleared two power plants by paying about Rs 6 crore per MW while nation-wide the rate is around Rs 4 crore that too by mending all
rules,’ party MLA and PAC Chairman B Rajendernath Reddy told reporters here on Wednesday.
The government has been set the bidding process in a tailor made way to suit only its favoured companies which do not meet the NTPC norms as there is scam in the making at an abnormal scam, he said.
‘The two plants involve an additional 2.500 crores in the hike of price per MW to its favoured two companies and this should be checked,’ he said. Earlier too the government had done similar exercise and is going out and out in a hurry. When the prices of Telangana, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh 
are hovering at Rs 4 crore per MW the contract given by TDP is Rs 6 crore per MW and huge public money is going down the drain for generating 16 MWs from the two proposed power plants. We demand that the contract be terminated and order an inquiry in to the process and bring out a report whether or not we need power plants at this juncture, he said.
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