Buying MLAs To Cover Failures

Hyderabad, Dec 24: Coming down heavily on Chandrababu Naidu for engineering defections, YSR Congress has said that such unethical moves show that TDP is resorting to horse trading as it has lost the moral right for governance. Speaking to reporters here on Saturday, party senior leader Bhumana Karunakar Reddy said that the TDP has been busy in buying MLAs from Opposition party as it has nothing to boast about on governance which has been very poor.

The same TDP has gone to court when their legislators were poached in the neighbouring state but has been engineering defections to show its strength which is a false pretence. The recent joining of Party MLA U Kalpana only shows the skills of manipulative politics of TDP.

‘Those MLAs who had defeated TDP candidates in the elections are being taken in and Chandrababu Naidu who had said that he would accommodate every leader as the number of constituencies would be increased has now changed tune and said that TDP will win in 175 seats which shows the poor quality of political vision,’ he said.

TDP has huge amount of unaccounted money and has been taking in legislators from other parties luring them with various sops and incentives which may not materialize in the passage of time, he said.  The 21 MLAs who crossed over are black sheep herded through unfair practices, he said.
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