Be categorical on spl. Status

Hyderabad, Taking strong objection to the remarks of a union minister, YSR Congress has demanded the Centre to be categorical on the issue of according special status to the State.

“The ambiguity should end with union ministers Venkaiah Naidu, Nirmala Sitaraman and other BJP leaders changing tune very often and beating round the bush. We demand a categorical statement whether or not the special status would be given and stop quoting lame excuses,” party senior leader Dr. MV Mysoora Reddy told reporters here on Monday.

It was an assurance given in the Parliament and it was BJP leaders who were very vociferous on the issue. After the Bill was passed in the lower house, when it came up for discussion in the Rajya Sabha objections were raised by BJP and there was pressure on the special status issue which was agreed.

The same issue was lapped up in the election campaign by BJP and TDP and after NDA coalition has come to power, it was never discussed and wrong signals were being sent by the union ministers.

“TDP on the other hand has its own uncertainty on the special status issue. While some dharnas are held the issue is never being pursued vehemently. Even when we raised the matter in the Assembly and sought to adopt a unanimous resolution, there was not response,” he said.

Whether it wants a special package or special status, TDP has never spoken its mind out nor did it discuss with the Centre or the opposition party.

We are prepared to cooperate with the State Government. It is for the TDP government to pursue the matter and get the special status, which will pave way for industrial development. We will raise the issue in Parliament and TDP should support it and we are also prepared to support if TDP takes the initiative.

We are also ready to join the all-party delegation to Delhi seeking special status and TDP too should have clarity and spell it out, he said.
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