Babu Snatched The Pattaas Granted To Us By YSR

  • YS Jagan's face-to-face with farmers
  • Assurance to victims of solar plant
Ananthapuram: The leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan held face-to-face meeting with the farmers victimised by NP Kunta power plant. The farmers narrated their problems to the leader on this occasion. They stated that Dr.YS Rajasekhar Reddy had granted them lands during his tenure but Chandrababu Naidu had snatched them from them for meagre costs and given them away to NCTP after he had come into power. They mentioned that they had nowhere to go after this atrocity. here is what they said.

Wipe our tears out: Ammajaan
We had 15 acres of land. Our family has 4 brothers, each of whom were given 3-4 acres as share. We have been cultivating on this land since 50 years. We have the papers and the tax-related documents of these lands with us, We dug bores and arranged for electricity with borrowed money. I myself took the relevant pattaa from that CM of that time YSR. We have plenty of water. Two crops grow annually. But now not a cent of land is left with us. Our kids were promised jobs in the solar power plant, but it did not happen. We are homeless now. No compensation was paid either. Chandrababu, the future of our kids is in your hands. Please wipe our tears.

We are made to stand on the road: Hyder Ali
I had 4 acres of agricultural land. It was snatched from me against my will for the solar project. I used to cultivate rice and peanuts in it. I installed pipeline and dug bore for it. We have nothing but that land. Now we are standing on the road with no support. Compensation was not given either. How can we live now?

What is our fate?: Babujaan
My father earned 10 acres. We begged in Kerala and Mumbai and with the money, we dug 5 bores. Now we have water. We grew mango trees which now came to reap. When they snatched our land, they offered compensation for the bores but not for the mango trees. They took away our land against our wish. They gave notices but not compensation. What can I do now?

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