Babu Cannot Escape Imprisonment

  • KCR received Rs.500 crore
  • Babu being the CM is the misfortune of people of AP: Bhumana
Tirupati: YSRCP's general secretary Bhumana Karunakar Reddy stated that AP CM Chandrababu could not escape punishment in Note for Vote case. Speaking to the media at Tirupati, he reminded KCR's statements that nobody could save Chandrababu who had been caught along with audio and video tapes as proofs and wondered why he had not filed a charge sheet since 14 months. He complained that KCR had received Rs.500 crore and Godavari river projects as bribe in light of this case. he also slammed Babu for mortgaging the state's special category status to prevent CBI inquiry from being held on the case.
Here is what he spoke.
  • Why did Babu leave Hyderabad although it was allowed to be common capital for 10 years? Why did he force employees of the secretariat to move to Amaravathi so hastily?
  • Chandrababu is more scared of note for Vote case than he is bothered about the state's benefits. That is why he mortgaged them at the centre and at KCR's feet.
  • We can't help but suspect KCR's receiving bribe as he did not file a chrge sheet since 14 months.
  • What has happened to Babu's boasting about his uprightness?
  • In the past, when the High Court made a statement about the CM of that time Sanjeeva Reddy in the matter of nationalisation of buses, he resigned to his position.
  • When a train met with an accident, railway minister of that time, Lal Bahadur Sastry, took the ethical responsibility and resigned.
  • Minister Ramachandra Rao elected from Musheerabad during NTR's tenure was accused of taking Rs.10,000 bribe and he was suspended from service.
  • A voluntary organisation in central Government's control declared Chandrababu as the biggest corrupt leader in India. Why will Chandrababu not resign after being caught in Note for Vote case?
  • There is no CM in India more competent than Chandrababu.
  • The state is feeling unfortunate for having Chandrababu as the CM.
  • Chandrababu has nothing but deception and pretense in his personality.
  • He cancelled meeting in Tirupati an set out to Vijayawada only to think of ways to come out of the case.
  • Chandrababu clearly asked KCR to make him come out of the case and in return, he let him build whatever projects he wanted on rivers Krishna and Godavari.
  • As soon as he faced allegations regarding Outer Ring Road, YSR ordered for CBI inquiry on the issue when he was the CM.
  • Chandrababu is not taking the word of CBI inquiry in spite of all these accusations.
  • YS Jagan is fighting against Telangana's Dindi project because the Government is making a mistake in the matter.
  • We will resist any action taken by Telangana Government against the favour of AP.
  • YSRCP shall fight with anyone in the matter of special category status.
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