Are we in Democracy at all?!


 YSRCP president and leader of opposition YS Jagan expressed his displeasure towards the Government’s behaviour in the assembly and stated that he wondered if we were in the democracy. He stated that everybody was watching what was going on.

 YSRCP leaders held a protest under the leadershipof YS Jagan at the assembly as the party’s MLA Roja was not allowed into the assembly. Later, YS Jagan followed by YSRCP MLAs, went to Raj Bhavan to complain against the Government to the state’s Governor Narasimhan. Due to the absence of the Governor, the complaint was handed over to his secretary. Later YS Jagan spoke to the media.

 He opined that Chandrababu’s Government was taking the assembly into hands and sidetracking it. YS Jagan complained that the speaker was behaving against the rules in the assembly and supporting Telugu Desam party. MLA Roja was said to have been suspended according to rule 340. But this rule would allow suspension only for a session and not a whole year. But TDP Government had gone beyond the rules to suspend Roja, complained YS Jagan. He then explained the atrocities of the Government in the assembly one after the other.

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